Apex Leisure International  offers water storage solutions for the urban environment. The DIY handytank from Apex Leisure International offers a water tank which saves and conserves rain water. These water tanks are available in flat pack box for easy relocation and transportation. Engineered with reliability and durability, handytank water tanks can be quickly assembled and mounted on any solid surface.

Water tanks from Apex Leisure International are robust as they are made of durable PVC bladder which is supported by zinc plated steel frame. Water storage solutions from Apex Leisure International have inbuilt connections and tank fittings. Various tank fittings including down pipe, flexible pipe, inlet/outlet connection and tap are available from Apex Leisure International.

Apex Leisure International’s handytank has various plumbing options to suit varying requirements. For easy capture of rain water, the down pipe is inserted in to the top surface of the water tank and the overflow outlet is connected to the existing down pipe of the water tank.

Two or more water tanks can be plumbed together for greater water storage requirements. Water storage solutions from Apex Leisure International are cost effective and easy to install. The harvested water is suitable for washing cars, watering garden and lawns.