Apex Leisure International  manufactures rainwater storage solutions for the urban environment. Apex Leisure International offers standard water tanks for collecting and storing rain water. These harvested rain water can be used for washing cars, boats and also for watering gardens and lawns.

Apex Leisure International conserves resources by saving rain water and using it for various other purposes. Water tanks from Apex Leisure International are available from leading suppliers including Kmart, Mitre10, Home, Thrifty-Link and TradeLink.

The handytank from Apex Leisure International provides rainwater storage solutions. These water tanks act as rainwater harvesting systems which has inbuilt connections and fittings for easy installations. Handytank from Apex Leisure International is available with various tank fittings including threaded insert, tap, connection socket, plug and cap, overflow fitting, inlet fitting and various flexible pipes.

Rainwater harvesting system also has various plumbing options including down pipes for rain water inflow, flexible pipes to divert water inflow, various garden hoses and connection pipes to connect two or more handytanks for increased water holding capacity. Apex Leisure International thus provides durable, reliable and compact rainwater storage solutions.