Apex Cladding  offers a wide range of aluminium windows, rollershutters, cladding and guttering products. The various cladding products of Apex Cladding include apex masterboard 3000, apex masterboard 2000, traditional boards, palliside and eave board.

The apex masterboards are made of solid vinyl boards of 1.2mm thickness that can prevent dents. The hex shaped locking system makes the cladding hangs look straight throughout its lifetime. In order to enhance the look of the house, wood grain finish and deep panel projection of wood cladding is given.

Triple skin design of 30mm is given as foam insulation which has the capacity to block extreme hot and cold climates and noises. The protective foil backing saves money on energy bills, there by turning to be cost effective. These boards are free from maintenance as they do not require any painting. The apex masterboards come in nine different woodgrain finish colours.

Palliside from Apex Cladding provides UV protection which makes the thick vinyl boards look new for a long period without loosing its colour. The anti-capillary channel used prevents the board from moisture and rodents. The boards come in 4 different woodgrain colours and are ideal for new homes.