APC Storage Solutions  offers a wide range of steel shelving that includes Universal Shelving, Longspan Shelving, Retail Shelving and Multi-Tier Shelving. The Universal Shelving is made out of high quality steel to assure reliability and safety. These shelves have a solid back panel that provides additional safety. It is highly suitable for usage in offices, warehouses, workshops, hospitals and the like. It is available with a wide range of accessories.

The Uni-Span Shelving is suitable for storing small and medium sized products. It is easy to install and comes with a wide range of accessories. The Retail Shelving consists of single or double sided columns. It is ideal for supermarkets, gift stores, pharmacies and for all retail environments. The Multi-Tier shelving is suitable to hold large quantities of records, documents and other small parts. It is strong and durable.

APC Storage Solutions also offers a wide range of warehouse products that include Raised Storage Area system, Carton Live Storage system, conveyors, benches, high density cabinets and small parts bins. The Raised Storage Area system enables the users to economically use the floor space and is packed with safety features. The small parts bins are strong, lightweight and facilitate easy storage. It is available in a wide range of colours and sizes to match customer requirements.