APC Storage Solutions  offers an extensive range of products and services that include industrial racking, steel shelving, warehouse products, office storage systems, pallet equipment and safety supplies in order to provide optimum storage and handling solutions to its customers. APC Storage Solutions also helps in both designing new warehouse and warehouse products, and in reconfiguring an existing facility. APC Storage Solutions aims at achieving a rapid return on investment with reduced labour cost and high productivity.

APC Storage Solutions offers a wide range of industrial racking that includes Selective Rack, Double-Deep Rack and Drive-in Rack to name a few. The Selective Rack is designed to hold large number of pallets and each pallet can be moved individually without moving others. It is made from High Tensile Australian steel thus assuring quality and rigidity. These racks are compatible with most types of handling equipment and building structures.

The Drive-in Racking system offered by APC Storage Solutions is suitable for storage of palletised loads in bulk. It provides for optimum utilisation of floor space and eliminates crushing of products and is ideal where stock rotation is minimal. The Stockpicker Racking System and the Pallet Live Storage System can be custom designed to match individual needs of the customers. The other racking systems offered by APC Storage Solutions are Maxipacker, Cable Rack, Narrow-Aisle, Cantilever and Tyre Rack which can be used for various applications.