The Box Thing is the latest apartment storage solution from Apartment Storage Systems .

Exponential population growth has seen developments in highly populated areas turning to apartment style living. The most common form of apartment storage has always been wire caging or custom built cupboards which occupy important quality space.

Apartments Storage Systems Pty Ltd have a range of products designed to create space by using areas that would otherwise go to waste. A complete aluminium storage system comprised of modular components, the Box Thing is the way forward for storage .

Versatile in size and shape, this new modular storage system  can be assembled as over bonnet storage systems, complete floor to ceiling cabinets, as tool boxes and even as pool pump covers.

The Box Thing Modular Storage System holds 800kg and can span 3 meters and it features six different door combinations.

The following are some of the key specifications of this innovative storage system:

  • No loss of valuable car space
  • Storage 2.5 cubic of storage
  • Strong Holds up to 500kg
  • Tough 6mm Rotomoulded Polyethylene
  • Stand Heights to suit all vehicles
  • Lockable Secured at two points
  • Water resistant
  • Vermin Proof
  • Dust Proof
  • Fire resistant to building codes of Australian Standards 1530 and exceeds section 5.2 of AS1530.3
  • Shelving available different configurations
  • The Box Thing is made from a tough 6mm Rotomoulded Polyethylene.
  • The stand is manufactured from industrial grade 5mm steel; the stand is sand blasted and then powder coated for a resistant clean finish.
  • An M24 Galvanized threaded rod is used to level the unit, with plastic capping to prevent any chemical reactions with the concrete floor.
  • M12 * 30mm Galvanised high tensile Flanged perlin bolts are used to assemble the stand and box.
  • 2.5m (length) * 1m (depth) * 1m (height) 2.5 cubic meters holding up to 500kg.
  • The unit is secured via padlocks on either side of the door.
  • The door is sealed using stylus tape. This prevents dust, water and vermin penetration