Now available from Apaiser Bathware , the unique range of freestanding stone bath tubs in an organic palette of greys, browns, greens, and blacks was introduced as design trends of using colour in bathrooms gains momentum.

Combining style, comfort and innovative design, this stunning range of freestanding stone bath tubs are built for relaxation and are a statement piece for any bathroom.

Apaiser’s freestanding stone bath tubs are made from an exclusive and patented formula of crushed marble, resin and polymers. The baths feel like organic natural stone yet requires no maintenance or sealants, are non porous, durable and easy to clean.
Environmentally friendly, and lighter than conventional stone, Apaiser’s freestanding stone bath tubs are soft and warm to touch, with excellent heat and stain resistance and superior thermal qualities.

Available in a range of 15 organic shades, from soft, eggshell whites to dramatic, dusty blacks, Apaiser freestanding stone bath tubs will add a touch of luxury to any bathroom.