AP Automation  offers Semantic Net, that includes Prfibus and Asi. This helps in replacing the traditional hardwired cables. Profinet facilitates automation throughout the company and it also facilitates uniform communication.

Profibus, another networking product from AP Automation, has few stations that enable field communication in cell network. It is an open and rugged bus system and can be used in all many industries including factory automation, building automation and process automation.

Profibus DP, a network product from AP Automation, has been designed for fast and cyclic data exchange and this product comes with field devices. Profibus PA, yet another network product from AP Automation has been designed for safety applications in process automation.

Asi, a standard open protocol from AP Automation transfers data and power simultaneously through actuators and sensors that are connected using non-shielded cable. It is easy to maintain and also easy to install and requires minimum wiring. Asi comes with an integrated safety technology that facilitates direct integration of fail-safe components.

Industrial Ethernet, another network product from AP Automation enables effective communication and can be installed through industrial ethernet. It's simple wiring methods make it easy to install and it can be used in offices and production facilities.