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    Integrated automation solutions from AP Automation

    AP Automation

    AP Automation  provides Siemens totally integrated automation solutions for factory automation. AP Automation has wide experience in this field and it strives to provide affordable solutions to its clients. AP Automation offers a wide range of engineering services to its customers, such as providing conceptual designs through hardware specification and procurement, commissioning, training, documentation and so on.

    The services provided by AP Automation also include round the clock support, system conceptual design, field services, spare parts management and systems optimisation to increase productivity.

    AP Automation offers a wide range of Semantic controllers, which includes a wide range of software and hardware components for controlling the tasks in hand. Semantic controllers from AP Automation has many high-end features. It is fail safe and fault resistant and it also comes with Isochrone mode and CIR.

    AP Automation offers a wide range of PLC. The Semantic S7 400, a PLC from AP Automation can be used in processing and manufacturing industries.

    Semantic S7 200 enables communication through integral interfaces. Semantic S7 200 from AP Automation can be used for low-end automation solutions. Semantic S7 300, yet another PLC from AP Automation can be configured in both centralised and distributed forms.

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