Following the controversy over the use of non-compliant cladding products in Australia, there has been an increased interest in Aodeli products in the construction industry, based on the company’s impressive and trustworthy reputation as a ‘fire safe’ cladding supplier. 

With several buildings across Australia identified as requiring façade rectification and recladding in addition to builders seeking safe cladding options for their new constructions, Aodeli has seen a meteoric rise to preferred status amongst Australia’s Tier 1 builders.

Here are 5 reasons that make Aodeli stand out from the competition: 

1. Quality Control

Aodeli’s advanced quality control (QC) program ensures any problems in manufacturing are resolved and rectified with minimal delay.

2. Operational Transparency

Aodeli’s open door policy at their factory enables builders and installers to tour the production floor on request so that they can see the quality of the facility, QC processes and testing first hand.

3. Premium Quality

Aodeli ensures only quality materials are used for manufacturing their products. For their solid aluminium panels (SAP), the company chooses 5052 marine grade aluminium due to its superior quality over 3003.

4. Compliant Products

Aodeli offers two fully tested and compliant products that meet AS1530.1 and AS1530.3, SAP and NCP (non-combustible panel), enabling builders to choose the one that best suits their needs.

5. Installer Network

Aodeli has established strong relationships with quality installers Australia-wide, providing builders with experienced professionals that they can rely on to install their premium products.