Anystone Sealing & Restoration  offers restoration services and products for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. The residential application of marble and granite restoration includes floors, bench tops, vanities, concrete and driveways.

The marble restoration services offered by Anystone Sealing & Restoration include marble restoration refinishing process, marble restoration polishing and so on. Anystone Sealing & Restoration offers restoration services from the starting of a project till it is completed. It renders its marble restoration services to big hotels as well as to small granite bench top.

The marble restoration services help marble to retain its life and also aids in removing the marks and scratches from marbles. The commercial applications of restoration services include body corporates, public buildings and councils.

The granite restoration services offered by Anystone Sealing & Restoration are used to restore granite walls, granite bench tops and granite floors. Granite restoration service is done to remove scratches, by polishing the granite to remove a thin layer. This also gives the granite a shiny and clean look.

Anystone Sealing & Restoration renders equal quality to all projects ranging from big hotels to small areas of houses.