Ants , the provider of ant control pesticides in Sydney, offers procedures and programmes that can keep ants at bay. According to Ants, sanitation is important for the prevention of infestation by ants. Care needs to be taken that there are no pet food bowls, dirty dishes, food crumbs on the floor inside the house. Benches, tables and sap sucking insects on indoor plants also attract ants.

Ants relates that unemptied rubbish bins, food and old drink cans outside the house also encourage ants. Cleaning these areas and controlling sap sucking insects indoors will reduce ant hazards around the house. Persistent infestation of ants can also be kept at bay with chemical control.

Ants suggests that caulking around places like door thresholds and openings where utility pipes, windows and wires enter buildings can reduce ant entry into homes. Ant treatment under doors and along foundations can decrease ant entry from outdoors. Another useful tip for ant control given by Ants is to avoid spraying or applying granular insecticides to the entire yard.

Whole-yard treatments may eliminate ants that are beneficial. Ants points out that eliminating queens and other ant colony members within their nests is the key to effective ant control. The use of ant baits are effective as foraging ants take the insecticide back to their nest and feed the other colony members and the queen. This results in the entire colony getting destroyed. Most baits come pre-packaged with the insecticide and the food attractant is confined within a child-resistant, plastic container.