Ants , a provider of pest control services, offers various types of products and services that help to keep away ants. Ants are social insects, which live in nests in the ground. Other places where ant habitats are likely to be found are under rocks, in wood, walls, fireplaces, under paths and in buildings.

Ants provides comprehensive information on the ant species. Ants relates that ants are most active from October to March. Ants has estimated that there are over 1200 species of ants found in Australia. However, Ants reckons that not all species are always harmful and some are even useful. Some ants eat termites; their nests help to improve the soil as the nutrients are recycled back into the soil. Ants are the food for native birds, reptiles and other small animals.

Ants regards the ant species as environmentally important while also being pests to people. While ants and their nests are unsightly to look at, their tendency to damage seeds and seedlings give rise to the need for ant repellents. Ants can also cause harm to houseplants, nursery plants and crops by the development of sap sucking insects like scale and aphids, further increasing the need for companies like Ants.

The common species of ants in Sydney include the Black House Ant, Meat Eating Ant, Sugar or Carpenter Ant, Bulldog or Bull Ant, Argentine Ant and White Ant (termite).