Antone Bruinsma Sculpture  provides high quality and figuratively speaking sculptures, created by Antone using from natural materials mean less pollution and less toxicity than plastics and metals. Antone's sculptures are durable and will increase in value over time.

In case if a customer needs a sculpture is a short time span, then they can pick a piece from the sculpture park. Antone also provides information pack and a CD or DVD containing images of his work. The prices vary considerably, depending the materials used, the complexity of the sculpture and the size.

Antone uses Helidon Freestone for most of his sculptures. This is freshwater sandstone, and a durable material for indoor and outdoor use. The same stone is used to construct cathedrals, universities and other important buildings in Australia and overseas. Antone also uses other materials like marbles, granite, wood, bronze and many more in creating quality figuratively speaking sculptures.

As with sculptures made from marbles and granites are very smooth to the touch due to the texture of the stone. These materials are also suitable for indoors or outdoor application. The bronze sculptures are expensive due to the cost of the casting process. Antone also works in wood on occasion. Wooden sculptures are recommended for indoor display.