Anti Slip Safety Solutions  has developed Ultra-max clear non-slip sealer, a slip resistant coating, ideal for stone, masonry and concrete floors. It can also be used on ceramic floors with a pre-treatment of Max-Grip. The Ultra-max clear non-slip sealer incorporates aggregate with a premium clear acrylic sealer in a solvent solution.

The Ultra-max clear non-slip sealer is capable of penetrating the substrate and cures to form a clear tough and resilient coating. The Ultra-max varies in micron size, so it’s slip resistance also differs. Under normal conditions, the clear non-slip sealer should be maintained by using a mild detergent with a soft broom, later rinsed.

Anti Slip Safety Solutions has been fixing slip hazards for more than 10 years and it is specialised in providing service including non slip coatings, abrasive strips, stair nosings, urine odour removal, ultra non-slip spray on paving, remedial cleaning of hard surfaces and safeplate industrial grade non-slip sheets and stair treads. Anti Slip Safety Solutions provides service ideal for domestic, industrial, marine, and commercial buildings.

To name a few sectors, where Anti Slip Safety Solutions products are applicable include home owners, swimming pools, timber decks, toilets, showers, restaurants, boats and many more. Anti Slip Safety Solutions also provides slip resistive product with a very high degree of success on most ceramic tiled areas.