Anthony Innovations  has introduced various products for secure doors. Products like kwikfit security door closer and kwikfit security door roller are manufactured along with various other products. These products are mostly used in various industries.

The kwikfit security door closer is suitable for doors that are up to 15 kg in weight, this gives an improved strength while closing. It has a wider door capability that is suitable for doors with 1200mm openings. The kwikfit security door closer from Anthony Innovations is easy to install, can be installed in two minutes with a few mechanical fixing. The kwikfit security door closer has an additional functioning of incorporating an engage and disengage mechanism.

Anthony Innovations kwikfit security door closer has various additional features like the doors are adjustable with closing speed, it is weather resistant, suitable for both left and right hand sliding, can be easily fixed to a new or an existing door. The door closers are designed and manufactured in Australia. The kwikfit security door closer is quite while functioning.

Kwikfit security door roller is another product from Anthony Innovations. The door rollers have various benefits such as there is no need for drilling and riveting. These kwikfit security door rollers can be fixed in less than ten seconds. It is made from corrosion resistant materials, the engineered plastic in helps to reduce the noise, the superior glass fibre is reinforced with nylon. This snap and roll helps to improve productivity and comes with a stainless ball compliment along with an advanced tyre compound.