Anthony Innovations  provides door and window rollers that are designed and manufactured in Australia. Tandem door roller 9000 is a product from Anthony Innovations that is designed to have a longer life span as it’s manufactured with corrosion resistant properties and great structural integrity as to handle the loads and it is quick and simple to install. The tandem door roller are tested and proven before marketing.

Anthony Innovations also manufactures a window roller, named as tandem window roller 1600. This product comes with a 5.5mm adjustment under load, and it is designed for bogey carriage with patented adjustments. The tandem window roller 1600 is also designed and manufactured in Australia with anti corrosive properties.

Another door roller from Anthony Innovations is the 5000 series door roller. This N5000 series is compound carriage designed providing a longer life span as it is made from anti corrosive properties with great structural integrity. The door roller 5000 series are designed to ease of adjustments under load.

Anthony Innovations manufactures a product called tandem door roller suparoll as architects and fabricators are pushing the limits of sliding doors and windows. This suparoll can manage load up to 200 kg per roller and it can be fitted in to any extrusion type available in the market.