Available now from Antel Security Systems , the Bosch Solution 16+ alarm system is a very user friendly home security system thanks to its logical, informative and well laid out keypad.

With a bar graph indicator to show you how much exit time is left after arming, the Bosch Solution 16+ home alarm system supports a number of clever features, including SMS reporting to two different mobile phone numbers, as well as a range of wireless accessories.

The Bosch Solutions 16+ home alarm system also features advanced remote access software to allow Antel Security System installers to make programming changes or diagnose issues within the system without relaying a call out cost onto the customer.

Other key features of the Bosch Solution 16+ home alarm system include:

  • connection points for 16 wired or wireless devices
  • back to base monitoring support
  • bug and dust proof hard-wired blue-line PIR detectors for false alarm protection
  • supports long-range wireless key fobs, movement detectors and reed switches
  • supports pet-friendly sensors
  • SMS and web reporting.
The basic Bosch Solution 16+ home alarm system kit includes the Bosch LCD kepad, three wired or wireless sensors, a blue strobe light, an external siren, a back up battery and a plug pack power supply.