Pedestal pavers are increasingly being adopted in the architecture and landscape industry for the advantages they deliver in terms of project time and cost. Pedestal paving is superior to conventional paver systems; however, Anston Architectural Products advises that it’s important to consider a few key safety aspects too.

Laying pavers on pedestals is generally seen as a quicker and easier method of installation. Some of the benefits of pedestal paving include:

Time and cost savings

Pedestals and pavers are simply lifted into place during installation. By eliminating the use of grouting, caulking and bonding agents, one can achieve significant time and cost savings.

No-grout installation for cleaner finish

Since no grout is required, the issue of grout smear that is often present in a typical paving installation is no longer a concern, resulting in a cleaner and neater paved finish.

Perfect level surface

Drainage levels can be incorporated into the paving sub-base, allowing a perfectly level finished surface.

Easy access to services

Any plumbing, electrical or communication services can be run underneath the paving and also easily accessed when required by lifting out only the relevant pavers. Once the work is completed, the pavers can be just as easily lifted back into place.

The installation of paving on pedestals is not covered in the current Australian Standard. Compliance requirements for breaking load of pavers are only applicable to traditional installations, meaning that compliant pavers may not necessarily deliver the same performance when they are laid in a pedestal installation.

Anston is the only Australian supplier to have developed a reinforced paving solution designed specifically for pedestal paving applications.

While standard paving solutions from Anston already meet all the breaking load requirements in the Australian Standard, the company has added extra steel reinforcing to all pavers to be used in a pedestal system. With the extra reinforcement, Anston ensures that the structural integrity of each pedestal paver is maintained, even if the paver is subjected to a high impact load from someone falling or dropping a heavy item.

Pedestal pavers are available in all Anston colours and finishes, and custom options are also available.