Those looking for a natural stone alternative will find a range of manufactured products on the market. However, the many choices in engineered stone can also leave the buyer very confused. Anston Paving Stones shares some of the lesser known features and benefits of engineered stone, and also elaborates on how their product stands out from the competition.

Anston has invested several years of research, testing and development effort into making significant advances in paving technology. The outcome is an engineered, customisable stone designed and tested specifically to perform under a defined set of conditions.

Did you know engineered stone can withstand tomato attack?

The question may sound funny but it’s no joke when the highly acidic juices of a dropped tomato end up staining your beautiful natural bluestone pavers forever. In the world of paving, surface etching and staining caused by acidic substances are a cause for concern.

On the other hand, engineered stone not only resists acid, but also food and chemical substances. Technological advances ensure Anston pavers can offer improved resistance to chemicals without affecting their aesthetic appeal. Sealed correctly at the time of installation, these pavers can stand up to red wine, fat and grease stains, salt and other chemicals. A light acid wash is all it takes to bring the pavers back to their original best, saving time, money and headaches for the property owner.

Did you know engineered stone is cooler to touch than most natural stones in direct sunlight?

Try stepping on a natural stone surface on a blistering hot day in the middle of summer – without shoes. Bluestone and darker coloured granites are the worst offenders when it comes to extended heat retention.

Anston has refined the blend of locally sourced materials that comprise their engineered stone pavers, offering customers a genuine alternative to heat-storing natural stone. This means you can confidently install Anston pavers around swimming pools, outdoor entertaining areas and anywhere else that bare skin could be affected and save the sizzling for the barbecue.

Did you know engineered stone can add more colour to your world?

The sky is the limit when it comes to the choice of colours available in engineered stone. Anston pavers use premium pigments to offer a broad range of colour options; the advanced production technology allows for a lot more freedom when it comes to colour selection as well as customisation. Anston engineered paving stones can be produced to just about any colour, format and profile to suit the customer’s specifications.

Engineered stone makes you feel good!

The best part about choosing Anston engineered paving stones in your application is the ‘feel-good’ factor. When you choose Anston products, you are supporting a local Australian business that in turn supports local material suppliers, distributors and all their families too. Anston supports local businesses – it’s a core value of their philosophy.

Anston engineered concrete is made in Australia by local families with all materials sourced locally if available. This means that their engineered concrete has a lower carbon footprint in comparison to most imported products.