Vibe LED tubes from ANL Lighting provide an ideal alternative to fluorescent tubes as they are a more efficient and environmentally friendly way of lighting.

LED lights offer reduced operating costs over their long life thanks to their efficiency. LED does not contain the harmful mercury and phosphorus that is found in fluorescent lights, which makes LED lights even more environmentally friendly.

Replaceable adapters are provided on all Vibe LED tubes lights, achieving a projected lifetime of approximately 80,000 hours, helping to save an extra 50% on replacement costs.

Phillip Hill, Vibe Director, explained, “When the driver eventually fails, instead of having to replace the entire LED tube, you need only to replace the adaptor. This makes the Vibe LED Tube the most economical and cost effective option for replacing standard fluorescent tubes.”

One key advantage of LED tube lighting is that it will not flicker like fluorescent tubes. Flicker and glare can impact learning and the ability to concentrate while also causing headaches. Although humans cannot see fluorescent lights flicker, the sensory system can. LED tubes operate a constant colour output resulting in no flicker.

LED tube lighting is ideal for used in schools, offices, retail stores and other applications where the consumer is looking for a long-lasting, green alternative to fluorescent lighting.

Vibe LED tube lights are available in a wide range of colour temperatures and wattage options. Colour options include; Warm White, Pure White, Daylight White and Cool White, while the length and wattage options include; 600mm (9w), 1200mm (18w) and 1500mm (22w).