Available from Angle Shoe Products , AS35 pivot sets are easy to install with simple hand tools and limited trade skills. New plasterboard techniques and accessories have made simple detailing very easy.  There are galvanized steel and PVC channels available that make the trim around the door opening very easy to install and adjust.

Angle-Shoe pivots have been designed by Canberra door and hardware specialist Howard Styles to allow doors to be mounted flush in set plaster walls. Traditional pivot hinges are very hard to install at the head of 35mm doors in plasterboard and the AS35 angle shoe pivot design overcomes these problems. The AS35 is now powder coated silver and is made of durable aluminium to suit standard doors of up to 2400 x 920 x 35 solid core or 50kg maximum load.

The angle shoe pivots are used in domestic applications for wardrobes, linen closets, pantries, hatches and increasingly for bedrooms and other internal rooms. The use of nib studs can be significantly reduced by using angle shoe pivots. They can also eliminate door jambs and architraves.

Commercially the pivots are used for service cupboards including electrical cupboards, communication cupboards, and fire equipment enclosures. Also available are AS35(smk) angle shoe pivots which feature an integral smoke seal in the pivot set to close off the gap between the plate and the angle. The BCA requires some service enclosure to be smoke sealed where they are on the way to fire exits.

Angle Shoe Pivots are made in Yarralumla, the hub of architectural hardware manufacturing in Australia.