Cormack Anest Iwata is an Australian company associated with the manufacture and supply of spray equipment. These spray equipment are used for spraying in automobiles, furniture and for the application of decorative building coatings.

The painting equipment from Cormack Anest Iwata include MagiCLEAN, airdusters, tack cloth, paint strainers and filters, scrapers, filling blades and brushes, paint preparation and application tools, air hoses, paint hoses, fittings and body shop test equipment.

MagiCLEAN is a cleaner which safely removes paints, overspray from hoses, spray guns and paint sprayers. Cormack Anest Iwata also supplies ANI airdusters, PaintSmart airdusters, which are made either from aluminium or polyacetal.

The tack cloths from Cormack Anest Iwata are used for cleaning of surfaces between coats in the painting process. The cloths are suitable for automobile, industrial, furniture, kitchen manufacturing and marine industries. The different kinds of track cloths available are Gerson tack cloths, Datco tack cloths and PainSmart tack cloths.

Cormack Anest Iwata provides a wide variety of quality air compressors such as Iwata compressors, oil free scroll compressors and oil free reciprocrating compressors.