Andom  also known as Airtowel technologies supplies quality airfreshener dispensers and soap dispensers from Davidson Imports Group. Andom is part of Davidson Imports Group. Andom has access to a wide range of washroom resources including soap dispensers, paper towel and air freshener dispensers and sanitary bins in a range of ABS plastic and stainless steel finishes.

As part of the Davidson Imports Group, Andom provides airfreshener dispenser models like AD-240M, ABS plastic construction, it is easy to program as it has a smart LCD panel. The AD-240S model has a day time and night time sensor, it is easy to adjust spray intervals. The KA-230AD model is another type of airfreshener dispenser distributed by Andom, features an easy to use LCD display. It is available in 235 x 90 x 80mille meters.

The AF-190 airfreshener dispenser is a type of gel air freshener dispenser. Its features include adjustable fan intervals. Andom also provides different types of quality soap dispensers like model SD-200R, it has a capacity of refillable or soap bag and features with a push type dispenser.

Andom also provides a stainless steel bulk fill dispenser, it has a capacity of 1.2 litres and it is available in vertical and horizontal position, as required by customers. The other models of soap dispensers provided by Andom include vanity basin soap dispenser with chrome plated spout, a SZ-8001 foam soap dispenser, SZ-4501, bactisan waterless hand cleanser system and many more.