Andom  also referred to as Airtowel technologies provides a range of durable hand dryers. The different types of hand dryers include The E-88 series, E88A and many more. The E-88 series model of hand dryers from Andom high quality dryers. It is easy for maintenance.

The E-88 series of air towels does not make much noise. It is high level of user safety. Together with an accurate design of components, these machines from Andom have a powerful airflow. When this is combined with a comfortable drying temperature it simultaneously reduces drying times to a minimum.

The other features like the automatic systems, infra-red sensor operated, are of a high reliability and vandal-proof (the appliance stops automatically when blocked). They offer maximum hygiene with minimum consumption.

Andom also supplies the E88 and E88A in a black finish, with no logo. The operating features include an effective Airflow 330m3 per hour, a 2mille meter thick metal sheet cover, a glazed white porcelain coating. These products are available in chrome plated finish, an automatic sensor (E-88A) or manual (E-88) operation. As for the electrical features are a voltage of 240 volts and 50 Hz, a nominal power of 2250 watts and a heating element of 2000 watts.