Rack Armour, available from Andian Sales , is a simple and cost effective solution to protect rack damage caused by forklifts and other warehouse operations.

Rack Armour has already been installed by some of Australia’s large organisations. The clients of Andian Sales include Coles Myer, Coca Cola Amatil, Kraft, OneSteel, DHL, Westgate, Patrick and Linfox Armaguard.

Rack Armour is also well- known in overseas and the manufacturers were recently invited to the global headquarters of Walmart in the USA to discuss installing Rack Armour for the large retailer. UK clients include Ikea, Asda-Walmart, Marks & Spencers and many of the country’s large transport companies.

By protecting racks from damages, Rack Armour can save the time to:

  • Unload the pallets
  • Redistribute pallets elsewhere
  • Dismantle beams and remove
  • Reassemble the rack
  • Restock rack with pallets
Rack Armour can provide a safer working environment, which may also save indirect costs such as:

  • First aid
  • Workers compensation/sick pay
  • Litigation
  • OH&S fines
  • Loss of productivity