The Andian Remote control receiver is designed to deliver unparalleled flexibility for all domestic and commercial applications.

Combining a normal Airkey receiver with a powerful GSM module enables any gate/door or alarm panel to be triggered by both Airkeys and mobile or fixed telephones.

The Andian remote control receiver can be triggered by simply calling the GSM module.

As soon as the controller detects an incoming call from a valid telephone, it will trigger its output as if a valid Airkey were used – without answering the call.

All features including phone number restriction, Airkey addition or deletion, etc can be remotely changed through password protected SMS from any mobile phone or by a PC using simple software combined with a GSM modem.


  • Can be used to replace any existing remote control system
  • Free activation of gate/door by ringing a supplied phone number
  • Add and delete Airkeys through SMS
  • Access can be restricted to a group of valid phone numbers
  • All settings are password protected
  • Simple system management by sending SMS using a mobile phone or PC and GSM modem combination
  • Can operate with 340 separate phone numbers as well as with 340 remote controllers
  • Configurable external alarm input allows the controller to send alarm SMS messages to selected users upon activation


  • Boom gates, automatic – Sliding and swing gates, garage and car park doors
  • Remote arming and disarming of security alarms
  • Remote area control