The new adhesive glow tape from Andian Sales can simply and quickly be placed in hazardous areas to highlight any danger.

Photo luminescent visual aids are specifically used when lighting is not available for extended periods. These ‘Glow In The Dark” products can maintain illumination all night and will recharge themselves with natural, incandescent or fluorescent Lighting during daylight hours or exposure to artificial lighting.

Photo luminescent technology is a new process which is a very advanced “glow in the dark” technology. There are various products available on the market purporting to be ‘photo luminescent’ but in reality are ‘fluorescent’ based technology. The photo luminescent technology is at the forefront of development and has a highly rated performance. This technology has been tested and rated to NATA Approved photometric standards.

Fluorescent products reflect light. This is known as retro-reflectivity.

The adhesive glow tapes and several other Andian products belong to photo luminescent technology category, meaning that they absorb light and then emit that stored energy over a long period of time as soft visible light. Other Andian products that use this exciting technology include tent pegs, and exit and safety signs.

The photo luminescent technology is available in paint for individual applications, anti slip stair tread nosings, and is even being trialed on aircraft landing cones.