Premier Net from ANC Bird Control is a complimentary pest control system to the Aviwire System, designed to prevent access to areas by starlings, Indian mynas and sparrows.  

Made from High Density Poly Ethylene monofilament yarn knitted into an open mesh fabric, Premier Net is enough to keep out small birds (such as sparrows) yet when fitted around column capitals, window pediments, or in large areas, provides a discreet solution and decreases detrimental effects to building appearances. 

Premier Net is fixed with stainless steel cable, hooks and turnbuckles and can be effectively fitted around all suspension leads. Zippers or shock cord can be installed where access to lights, etc are necessary for maintenance.

7,000 square metres of Premier Net was installed under the North and South canopies of the new parcel facility for Australia Post in Ardeer, Vic, to discourage feral birds. Premier Net was also fitted to the Qantas workshops at Tullamarine Melbourne, after it was inundated with roosting Welcome Swallows, which began to pose an OH&S problem because of all the bird waste.

Premier Net efficiently stopped the birds from roosting in the roof trusses and the purlins.

Premier Net is supplied in black or white and must be installed correctly for maximum effectiveness and durability.