The Botanica Apartments in Melbourne and the Domayne Building on Taren Point Rd in Caringbah have something in common. They were both being devastated by Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. Fortunately, they have both been treated with the same non toxic pest control system from ANC Bird Control.

ANC Bird Control provides low maintenance and unobtrusive bird control systems which have minimal effect on building aesthetics, resulting in overall pest control on feral birds and their damaging effects on buildings. Due to the effectiveness of this non toxic pest control system, building owners have the increased benefit of reduced costs associated with bird infestation.

ANC Bird Control was contracted by the Domayne Building owners to install their non toxic pest control system. The solar powered Bird Shock Flex-Track bird control system was set up on to the top two ledges of the Domayne Building. This pest control system is a virtually invisible, low profile, electrified track installed on roofs and any surface. An electric shock is the most effective method of keeping birds away from unwanted areas and it presents a powerful psychological barrier rather than an unsightly physical barrier.

Since installation of the Bird Shock Flex-Track pest control system from ANC Bird Control, there has been no further pest activity from Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, despite the park across the road from the Domayne Building being home to roosting Cockatoos. The architects for the Botanica Apartments in Melbourne, which had just undergone an extensive exterior upgrade, chose the non toxic Bird Shock Flex-Track pest control system for its aesthetic values and its efficacy to stop any future attacks from the Cockatoos, which had been attacking the corbells, ledges and lintels. The 1,100m of Flex-Track bird control system for the Botanica Apartments has two heavy duty hard wired energisers secured up on the roof to energise the Flex-Track.

The architects of both of these buildings were pleased with the effectiveness of ANC Bird Control’s humane and virtually invisible non toxic pest control system.