The Eagle Eye from ANC Bird Control works by reflecting light beams in the ultraviolet and infra-red band to the bird, imitating the presence of a predator birds. This causes the bird to fly to another destination. Once chased away from their regular sitting position the bird will eventually not return to where the Eagle Eye is installed.

The Eagle Eye Optical bird scarer is approved and recommended by the Department of Nature conservation. Optical bird scarers harmlessly relocate birds successfully from unwanted areas such as:

  • Buildings
  • Airstrips
  • Farm Lands
  • Silos
  • Golf greens
  • Public Areas

The Eagle Eye bird-scarer does not harm the bird in any way and shows up to 80% reduction in bird infestation within 3 months. Using the Eagle Eye Bird-Scarer is an environmentally friendly, cheap and effective way of preventing bird damage on wheat trials

The Eagle Eye is fitted with a 12 volt DC motor to make it turn at a specific speed, reflecting light beams at constant intervals. It can be powered by making use of a 12-volt transformer, a solar panel or a 12 volt battery. A time switch can also be employed to switch the Eagle Eye on and off as required.

The reflective surface of the Eagle Eye is manufactured from durable ABS plastic material that does not break during hailstorms. The monthly cost per unit is based on a sliding scale, depending on the total number of units bought by the client. This covers all expenses or costs where repair or replacement of all Eagle Eye is concerned.