Aviwire from ANC Bird Control is an innovative bird deterrent product effective against pigeons and gulls where extended rods are used. 

It consists of rods made of stainless steel with stainless steel wire and springs and if required, base plates. The final assembly results in a straight line array. A range of adhesives and fasteners can be used depending on the building substrate material. 

Aviwire is supplied, assembled and fitted by qualified personnel sanctioned by ANC. The laterally sprung wires used in Avidwire are a tried and tested method of deterring pigeons and gulls from open roofing sites such as building ledges. 

Pigeons cannot access the ledges by dropping under the front twin wire as stainless steel bases with rods welded to the end give greater restriction to roosting birds. These extend entirely to the edge.

Aviwire from ANC Bird Control implements edge savers to reduce costly damage to delicate ledging by keeping drill holes 70 mm from the edge. Edge savers have been successful in deterring Indian Mynas and have been installed at Parliament House, Melbourne, Victoria. Aviwire is totally undetectable when viewed from the ground. 

Specifications are as follows:

  • Single Hole Post: 4mm x 130mm, 4mm x 115mm
  • Double Hole Post: 4mm x 125mm, 4mm x 100mm, 50mm from top hole to 2nd hole
  • Single Hole Short Pins: 4mm x 30mm, (only the Pins head/hole shows above the Plug)
  • ABS Post Base: 35mm x 35mm
  • Black High Impact ABS Plastic, UV stable
  • Nylon Post Plugs: 6.5mm x 30mm Grey Nylon Plugs, UV stable
  • Tension Stainless Steel Springs: 10mm x 25mm, and Stainless Steel 0.6mm wire