ANC Bird Control  offers several bird deterrent solutions, such as the Avispike system; Aviwire barrier system; bird guard barrier system; premier net, seagull deterrent system; and the bird shock flex track.

Avispikes are quick to install systems made of stainless steel spikes attached to a polycarbonate base. These are flexible and can be used on signages, beams, ledges and plumbing. The Aviwire from ANC Bird Control consists of stainless steel rods with wire and springs, assembled in a straight line. This has proved to be an effective deterrent against pigeons and seagulls.

The ‘Bird Guard’ barrier system from ANC Bird Control is a mesh which prevents the access of small birds to the roof. This system allows debris to fall, yet lets the rain water collect in gutters. This system is not noticeable and is advantageous for building aesthetics. ‘Premier Net is complimentary with Aviwire and helps to keep out small birds.

The seagull deterrent system from ANC Bird Control works effectively to deter seagulls from roosting and nesting on the roofs of large buildings. The bird shock flex track from ANC Bird Control is easy to install and consists of a low profile electrical track which intermittently shocks, but does not kill the birds.