Available from ANC Bird Control , Bird Ban shock tape is a flexible and adaptable bird deterrent.

Bird Ban shock tape bird deterrent is an Architects delight as it is a low profile 3mm high tape that conforms to any achitectural configuration. The bird deterrent tape curves up and down, and side to side and the aluminium strips follow the acrylic base without wrinkling.

Bird Ban bird control tape is a clear 3M acrylic tape that blends in with any coloured substrate and is virtually invisible from a short distance.

Bird Ban shock tape bird deterrent is made from UV stablised 3M acrylic VHB Tape and will service for longer than its five year warranty. Bird Ban shock tape has been tested on sun decks and after 7 years showed no signs of degradation.

The intermittent shock from the bird deterrent tape is painful but does not harm the birds. Instead it creates a psychological barrier to all birds.