Ample Air  established in 1982 offers air conditioning and mechanical services for both residential and commercial applications. The different types of air conditions provided by Ample Air include room air conditioners, split style air conditioners, multi split style air conditioners, split ducted air conditioning systems and many more.

Ample Air is a family owned and operated business, specialised in providing innovative air conditioning solutions for residential and light commercial applications. Basically air conditioners are comfortable, as it provides home temperature and humidity control at fingertips.

Air conditioners are used to control humidity, by controlling the excess moisture in the air, it is simple, customers can enjoy both cooling and heating at the flick of a switch. Ample Air provides quality and friendly customer service with expertise in air conditioning.

Ample Air has skilled technical support and assistance of air conditioning to provide assistance in both engineering and designs. Ample Air supplies quality air conditioners manufactured by Carrier Air Conditioning, LG Electronics Air Conditioning and Airwell Air Conditioning. Ample Air has been rewarded with many air conditioning awards for the past 25 years. The firm is the leading Carrier Dealer in Australia.