Ampelite Australia  offers domestic, industrial roofing, premium products and greenhouse portfolio. The domestic roofing provided by Ampelite Australia comprises of fiberglass, accessories, ventilators, Solasafe Polycarbonate, Wonderglas GCP, Lexan Thermoclear Multiwall Sheet and Roomlites. The industrial roofing offered by Ampelite Australia consists of Fibreglass, Fire Retardant SL, Polycarbonate, Ventilators and Smoke Reduced SR76. The premium products variety provided by Ampelite Australia includes Clearside System, Dual Roof System, Cool-lite GC, Lexan Thermoclear Special Products, Webglas GC and Wonderglas GC.

The greenhouse portfolio from Ampelite Australia consists of Wonderglas GC, Lexan ZigZag, Dual Roof System, Solasafe Polycarbonate, Lexan Thermoclear and Grow Tray. Domestic fibre glass provided by Ampelite Australia offers outdoor feeling as well as provides protection from sun as Ampelite glass reinforced polyester sheeting that has built protection against transmission of harmful ultra violet rays. The Ampelite sheet is made as per Australian condition that includes highest quality materials available using world’s latest resin technology.

The Solasafe Polycarbonate sheeting is a product that is made of advanced plastic polymer with optical as well as physical properties that cannot be matched by other materials and also has high resistant in terms of weathering effects of UV rays and yellowing of sheet is minimized over its lifetime.