The mouldings produced by the American Hardwood Export Council suit customers’ detailed requirements and clearly identified quality criteria. For every new profile there is a set up cost for producing the required cutters, and consequently, for a new profile to be manufactured cost effectively, a minimum volume is required.

Most commercial hardwood species can be moulded, although some, such as hickory, cottonwood and aspen, need special care with knife preparation, cutting angles and feed speeds. Other species such as tulipwood and basswood are ideal and present minimal technical difficulties.

Many hardwood moulded profiles are dimensionally small, i.e. lippings, beading, dowels, and quadrant, so they can be manufactured either from lower grades of lumber, or narrows and off cuts from other lumber and dimension production. Windows, door frames, skirting boards and ceiling crowns can also be found up to 133.35mm in width, especially in red oak and tulipwood.