American Express  claims to provide excellent services and unmatched benefits to its cardholders. The company lists out the benefits offered to American Express Cardholders. The card sets no spending limit and customers can avoid paying interest by paying the account balance in full every month.

American Express Card offers extensive benefits to customers with its international service. The cardholder has to pay just an annual card fee of $80. The cardholder can access to his online account anytime; and can avail cash at any international ATM using the Express Cash service.

If for any reason the customer needs a replacement card, he will be offered a new one generally within 24 hours, wherever he is. American Express assures safe online shopping with its card. The customer is in no way liable for any unauthorized online purchases. The card earns the holder a Membership Rewards point for every dollar he spends on the card, assuring rewards. The Membership Rewards concept is offered to cardholders, who enrol in the Choices programme for an annual $40 or the premium Ascent programme for an annual $80.