AME System  manufactures and supplies trolleys of various types that serve different purposes. The trolleys include assembly trolleys, transport trolleys and kanban trolleys. AME System provides assembly trolleys that can hold 25 and 50 litre standard containers. The assembly trolleys come in models of 370, 560 and 760 series and are made of 40x40 and 30x60 aluminium profiles and feature four swivel castors with brakes to hold a maximum weight of 160kg. The model contains three shelves with a holding capacity of 40kg each.

AME System produces transport trolleys from 40x40 aluminium profiles. The trolleys have four swivel castors with two of them having brakes. The transport trolleys are easy to reconfigure and provide an efficient workcell in lean manufacturing environment with its ability to transport parts to and from workcell.

AME System manufactures custom made kanban trolleys to suit customer containers. The kanban models come in 1040 and 1440 models. AME System has designed the kanban trolleys to integrate with workstations and workcells. The kanban trolleys use angled shelves and are made from standard 40x40 aluminium profile and include four swivel castors, two of them with brakes.