AME System  produces workstation systems, with product range covering ErgoStyle, ErgoMan, computer desks, control room desks and workstation accessories. The ErgoStyle systems consist of ErgoStyle 96, 126, 128, 168 and 188 series, while the ErgoMan systems comprise ErgoMan 128, 168 and 188 series. Computer desks from AME System include expert desk, space desk and essential desk.

AME System offers various workstation accessories, such as storage systems, foot rest, computer holders, soft wiring systems, light units, bin holders, A3 size card holders, tool hangers, ESD brackets, pneumatic manifolds, grab containers and adjustable monitor arms. The ErgoStyle 96 workstations feature accessories including electrical duct, storage shelf, 10 pocket document holder, A4 or A3 instruction card holder, overhead light unit, flat screen monitor holder, ESD bracket, bottle holder, keyboard drawer, ErgoChair, back panel and 100mm wheel castors.

AME System’s ErgoMan 128 workstation models are electric height adjustable desks with height adjustment ranging from 680mm to 1200mm with a capacity to bear 160kg. The ErgoMan models come with accessories including overhead light unit, storage shelf, 10 pocket document holder, electrical duct, keyboard drawer, adjustable foot rest, PC holder shelf and ErgoChair.