AMCLA  provides different types of health care products and services to pharmacists, hospitals and health care centres in Australia and New Zealand. The range of products available from AMCLA include dispensing products, health care products, eye and ear care products, anti fatigue mats, special sports health care products and new products for use by diabetic patients and aged people.

A wide range of accredited dispensing accessories are supplied by AMCLA that includes glass measures in conical and cylindrical shapes that come in stamped and unstamped versions. Digital weighing scales, triple beam scales, digital baby scales and electronic balances are also supplied by AMCLA. The digital scales are equipped with bar graphic capacity indicators and come with batteries that provide up to thirty hours of continuous usage. An optional USB interface is also available.

Dispensary accessories like stirring rods, filter paper, glass ointment slabs, mortar and pestle sets, counting trays and thermometers are also offered by AMCLA. AMCLA also offers a range of security labels as well as patient advisory labels.

In addition, heavy duty acrylic label dispensers are also available from AMCLA. These dispensers can accommodate rolls of five hundred or thousand labels. Cautionary labels that are pressure sensitive and designed with bright colours to enhance visibility and compliance are also available from AMCLA.