Containers that glow. They are Lunar pots, Rentokil Tropical Plants’ latest addition to its range of designer containers.

“The distinctive Lunar pots are perfect for making a statement at entrances, receptions, or anywhere to be noticed – inside and outside,” Rentokil Tropical Plants Divisional Manager, Ray Borg says.

Energy saving low voltage globes inside the double walled pot light up and create a dramatic effect. The fluorescent globes are long life with 8,000 hours expected. The pots are made from lightweight high grade recyclable plastic and are available in several different colours.

“Lunar pots can be planted with equally striking plants to create a stunning effect for evening functions or events,” Borg says.

“We expect them to be popular for alfresco dining areas for restaurants or hotels, as they not only provide great visual effect but a subtle light for illuminating pathways and access.”

“They can also be used for dramatic or fun effect. One thing is for sure - they will be noticed!”

The Lunar pot will be available separately or included with other ranges where specified.