Ray Borg, Asia Pacific Regional Director of Ambius , recommends practical, fresh and green ways to help reduce the noise in busy offices with the use of plant screens.

Ray suggested that to start with, workplaces might consider the use of plant screens and plants grouped together as sound barriers help reduce the noise. Plants can also be placed on the tops of filing cabinets and small bushy plants in narrow troughs take up little space, but are still beneficial in reducing noise.

“Offices that use screen plants instead of office partitions tell us that aside from helping to reduce noise, they have a number of other psychological benefits – helping to reduce stress and improve the well being of office workers,” says Ray.

This is backed up by research from the US, the Netherlands and the UK that has shown indoor plants have positive effects in reducing stress and sickness absence, increasing productivity and improving well-being, particularly in office environments where people are using computers. Plants don’t just look good, they’re good for the interior environment too.

Ambius offer a plant hire service and will install and service indoor plantings to ensure healthy and well maintained displays.