Ambius examines a study finding reductions in negative mood states and feelings of stress by up to 60% have been found among people with plants in their offices. In the first study of its kind in the world, researchers from the University of Technology Sydney utilised standard psychological survey instruments with internationally demonstrated reliability and validity to assess the effects of indoor plants on occupants’ mood states and feelings of well-being.

Across a series of tests conducted before and after plants were present in offices, people showed:

  • 37% reduction in tension/anxiety
  • 58% reduction in depression/dejection
  • 44% reduction in anger/hostility
  • 38% reduction in fatigue
  • 30% reduction in confusion
  • 4.5% increase in vigour
“We found such significant difference in scores for participants in offices with plants as opposed to those without, that it confirms the benefits of indoor plants extend well beyond their contribution to air quality,” reports the head of the study, Adjunct  Professor Margaret Burchett. “While our group of 40 people was small, the results were very significant because of the proven methods used.  The sizeable reductions in negative mood states like tension can only have a positive effect on productivity and satisfaction,” said Professor Burchett.

Ambius, believes the results have further added weight to the recognition given by the Green Building Council Australia in its Green Star rating scheme which acknowledges the role plants have to play .  “Obviously we are pleased with the results, which offer further compelling reasons for Indoor plants to become a standard installation element in an urban
building or facility environment,” said Ambius Regional Director for the Asia Pacific Region, Mr Ray Borg.

“What better way to improve the well being and productivity of people inside an office or any other building, than by greening the inside? Greening inside is not just a cool thing to do – it clearly makes us feel better and is good economic sense,” added Mr Borg.