In order to meet the current trends of interior design in commercial spaces, Rentokil Tropical Plants has extended its Designer range of containers and plants.

“We have responded to interior designers and architects who want products which are tailored to suit the ‘looks’ they are creating,” said Ray Borg, Divisional Manager for Rentokil Tropical Plants in Australia.

Within the Designer range are different modern styles from the angular Geometrix, Cubico and Quadro series, through to Cones and the Oil Jar series.

“Containers are sourced from around the world and from Australian manufacturers. By monitoring what is new and keeping abreast of design trends internationally we have found that designers here are responding very favourably to our new ranges and container series,” said Borg.

“We are also offering a much more sculptural range of plants to complement the container, as well as providing a wider choice to suit an interior designer’s needs for a space or area,” he said. “The other aspect is that research has proven conclusively that indoor plants improve indoor air quality and this is being more widely recognized.”

Bright colours are in, stainless steel is big and even anodized finishes are back. Much more emphasis is on single high quality plants in striking containers, to produce displays that have a wow factor.

Stainless steel to suit decor

Stainless steel is proving so popular that a separate stainless steel range with different container series has now been created.

From desk or table top containers to some up to a metre tall are now available, some with striking coloured insert panels.

“Essentially we can supply exactly what the interior designer or architects want – we can even put corporate logos on the containers or have corporate coloured containers,” said Borg.