Ambience Eco Fires are exclusive distributors of high quality, German designed denatured ethanol fireplaces to the Australian market.

Each ethanol fireplace from Ambience Eco Fires is exquisitely designed with sleek, smooth lines in glass and stainless steel and a mesmorising interplay of flames that gently flicker to provide the perfect ambience for a rich and inviting atmosphere.

Precision-manufactured, these ethanol fireplaces instantly transform interiors and outdoor entertaining areas, creating a romantic and sublime atmosphere conducive with relaxation. As they are clean burning, safe, and quick and simple to set up, Ambience Eco Fires' ethanol fireplaces are ideal for apartment living as well as larger properties.

With 48 portable and fixed models of ethanol fireplace available in a variety of colours, styles, sizes and configurations, customers will be spoilt for choice when selecting their small piece of affordable luxury.

Styles of ethanol fireplaces available include:

  • Uni Flame - suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Wall Flame - wall-mounted fireplace
  • Floor Flame Series - free standing fireplace suitable for any room
  • High Flame - stands 147.5cm tall, features a modern hearth and ideal for residential or commercial application
  • Semi Flame - the baby sister of the High Flame
  • Top Flame - ideal for exposed spots indoors or out
  • Corner Flame - suitable for a 90 degree free standing corner or nook in the house or apartment
  • Chimney Flame - a moveable unit for use in existing fireplaces that burns cleanly with bio-ethanol
  • Table Flame - small, light and mobile to go with every romantic occasion
  • Pure Flame - a combustion chamber able to be set up at any suitable place
  • Fire Plate - a practical atmospheric fireplace for outdoor use.