Ambience Appliances  is a leading manufacturer of fireplaces in the Australian market. Over the years they have consistently provided customers with the high quality products.   The Delta Heat fireplaces manufactured by Ambience Appliances are made using high quality materials and Ambient Appliances’ patented Firebox technology. Using this technology the area that the Delta Heat fireplaces can heat is substantially increased. These fireplaces have a long life offering good performance and are known for durability.

For customers wanting wood fireplaces, the available models from Ambience Appliances are Carina 652 & 802, Olde Charm, Olde Charm Super and Edwardian Tile. All these wood fireplaces come with various optional accessories like log retainer, removable log pan and rear duct heating just to name a few.

The Carina 652 and Edwardian Tile are the gas fireplaces produced by Ambience Appliances. The Delta Heat gas fireplaces have the same dimensions physically as their wooden counterparts. These gas fireplaces come with features like electronic ignition and a hood to protect the mantel from heat burn and blistering the optional accessories include metal infill panel, décor firehood panel, caste fascias and a removable spark screen.