Amberfox Blinds & Shutters  has been providing quality blinds and professional services to customers all over Sydney for a number of years. Amberfox Blinds & Shutters offers products and solutions with regards to blinds and shutters to its clients. The suggestions to implement various types of window furnishings through an experienced Amberfox Blinds & Shutters team have always proved to be very handy for the clients. Amberfox Blinds & Shutters endeavours to create perfect environmental conditions for the home andr office.

Amberfox Blinds & Shutters offers a number of products to suit the needs of all types of customers. Amberfox Blinds & Shutters offers a number of choices for the roman blinds that they offer. These roman blinds from Amberfox Blinds & Shutters are made to fit all types of home décor, from traditional to contemporary.

The roman blinds come in varied styles, colours and densities. The customer has a choice of original canvas design, as well as block out, translucent or transparent fabrics. The different operation mechanisms available with the roman blinds are cord with cleat or lock and ball chain. Roman blinds with timber battens are available in variety of stains and paints and give the home or office a striking presentation as well as offering better light control.Amberfox Blinds & Shutters also offers fabric awnings and roller shutters, these prevent the sun from heating up the windows in summer, thereby reducing heat in the house and also saving money on cooling. These fabric awnings and roller shutters come in a variety of designs and patterns.