A far cry from the highly synthetic Astro Turf that gained popularity in the 70s, this new generation artificial turf, Enviro Grass from Amber Tiles has all the verdant, soft and springy visual appeal of its natural counterpart.  

In fact, technology employed in manufacture ensures each blade has a ‘memory’ so that even when a car has been parked on the grass for a number of weeks, the flattened grass will be restored to its original shape once the car is removed.

Perhaps more importantly in the current climate, Enviro Grass requires no water and no chemicals, maintaining its lush good looks in the absence of rain, full-on shade, brilliant sunshine or even when used as a surround to a salt or chlorine pool.  

Enviro Grass features a highly perforated latex backing, which provides excellent drainage and aeration of the soil beneath. 

The Bermuda series of Enviro Grass is particularly good value for money at a time when environmental benefits are more important than ever before.

Bermuda joins six other types of grass modelled on their natural counterparts, providing an array of blade widths, yarn types and colour palettes suitable for both residential and commercial areas. Other series available include Buffalo, Kikuyu, Fescue, Couch and Rye.

Enviro Grass is available exclusively from all Amber outlets throughout NSW and ACT.