Flooring products from Amber Tiles are inspiring home renovators to take a fresh look at their floors this summer.

With its wide range of flooring products from timber-inspired porcelain tiles to elegant natural stone pavers, Amber provides ideas and expert advice for anyone looking to accomplish a unique floor design with a trendy, DIY floor renovation.

Mike Barden, Amber’s paving and outdoor expert explains home renovators have endless opportunities to distinguish their home with creative floor designs, experimenting with the wide variety of tiles and pavers in different sizes and colours now available on the market.

For instance, renovators are increasingly showing a preference for Roman Pattern designs where three different-sized tiles or pavers are used, and French Pattern designs, which combine four different-sized tiles and pavers in a random style. The main benefits of experimenting with floor design are that it alters the illusion of space and creates a talking point within a room.

Mike observes that a chic floor design immediately grabs people’s attention within a space, automatically transforming an ordinary room into a fantastic room. Floor designs also concentrate any given area, allowing home renovators to alter the scale and perceived size of a room.

Mike suggests home renovators should also apply stylish designs outside the house including around the pool, on outdoor walkways and courtyards or even as a unique feature wall in the backyard.

The installation process of patterned tiles and pavers is simple with home owners able to complete the project within a weekend. Before starting the project, Mike suggests seeking advice from experienced Amber staff and laying out a small portion of the floor design within the given room.

Home owners can also create an aged appearance using classic pavers such as Amber’s Romanpave or St Tropez ranges. Mike recommends Amber’s Travertine series or Sandstone ranges for creating an elegant entertaining area in indoor or outdoor settings.

Mike adds there has been a definite trend for houses in regional areas to incorporate unique floor designs within their homes, with home renovators within these areas seeking a rustic feel.